5 Things Professional Movers want You to Know

16 - Sep - 2019 Trinity Moving & Storage

A man measuring a cabinet.Your professional moving team will be able to take care of all your moving needs from disassembling furniture and packing your belongings for safe transport to re-assembling your furniture and unpacking your many boxes at your new location to make your next dwelling space feel like home. To make this transition go extra smooth, these are five less commonly known "To Do" items movers wish their clients would accomplish before the big moving day arrives. Spoiler alert - by following these suggestions, you will decrease the amount of time it takes to move which could result in huge cost savings!

Prepare Your Belongings
The primary way to save on cost during a professional move is to reduce the time the movers spend gathering your items and packing them into the truck. Packing while the movers are trying to organize your items into the available space on their truck can be chaotic, stressful and time-consuming. If your movers are packing your belongings, they will do this in the most efficient way possible. However, for any belongings, you plan to pack yourself, pack them ahead of moving day and place them in the garage or the closest room to the front door in cases where the items require air conditioning. This makes for quick removal instead of the movers walking all over the house searching for boxes to then organize by size and shape before loading.

Additionally, each box should be labeled with a number and a designated room assignment at the next home. Be sure to keep a list of all contents found in each numbered box handy for quick reference when you are looking for an item or you want to be sure the items receive an added layer of protection when loading for transport. For more expensive items, it is good to note the manufacturer, date purchased, and the price paid for the item beside the item name on your list for insurance purposes should any damage occur. The great news is you can re-use this list for any future moves as well. It is not necessary to give this list to the movers as their main concerns are size, shape, room placement, and any fragile pieces.  

Take Pictures
Speaking of insurance, movers suggest taking pictures of the contents of each box individually along with each piece of furniture before moving day. Pictures should show all angles of each item to enable claims adjusters to easily note which defects were not present in the items before the move. One more picture tip, sorting or labeling the pictures according to the box they are in is helpful for locating the items in the truck or while in storage. 

Use Graph Paper
In addition to pictures, measuring your furniture and using those measurements with graph paper helps you plan for the placement of items in your next home. To use the graph paper, draw out each room in your new home. It may be easiest to think of each block as one foot. Then, use the same system to draw out the measurements of your furniture items on the graph paper and cut out each one. Place your cut out measurements of each item in the associated room where you think it would look best. By using this system, you can move your furniture around the room to see how it fits before the furniture arrives saving the movers time when unloading. Be sure to leave open spaces for windows, doorways and open areas when graphing out each room. When you have the furniture in place where you want it, tape the furniture cutouts down, glue them, or take a picture for use with the movers.

Renovations come First
Yet another time-saver is setting up your new home for the arrival of your furniture. Take advantage of the storage services of the professional movers when necessary to properly prepare your home when renovations, including painting and flooring changes, are underway. It may be a bit more costly to add the storage option than originally planned. However, this will save you from paying the painters and flooring companies time plus labor costs to move your furniture. This tip also prevents damage to your furniture and belongings during the renovation.

Allow Flexibility
Finally, with all that goes into a move, leaving some wiggle room with scheduling will ensure a safer process where the movers are able to concentrate more on keeping your valuables damage-free over rushing to meet time requirements. An extra hour in your planning for both moving days with the additional labor cost built into your budget may improve your experience should you need the extra time for an unforeseeable reason. On that note, while your movers will make every effort to be on time, sometimes there are unexpected issues that arise beforehand. Some reasons movers may be late include mechanical concerns with the truck, sick or injured employees, or another job taking longer than anticipated. If you are on a tight schedule, let the moving company know about your timing concerns when you book the appointment.

In short, by hiring professional movers for any portion of your move, you have already taken the first step to reduce your moving stress and the potential for personal injury or damaged items during transit. That said, with a little extra preparation for your move using the suggestions above, you will add the benefit of reducing your moving time. When your movers spend less time loading and unloading, you save money!