How Long does it Take to Move Across The Country?

02 - Dec - 2019 Trinity Moving & Storage

A home with a sold sign over the for sale signAlthough the process of selling a home to move across the country can vary, there are some selling options that will speed things up and help you get settled in your new state much faster. Plus, there are some moving chores you can plan ahead to save more time when the moving day arrives. From start to finish, we will explore in this article what it takes to make your moving dream a reality in a new state.

Review the Market (Estimated Total Time = 4 Hours)
Before you decide to sell your home, it is always good to go online for a couple of hours and look around at other home prices in your neighborhood and neighborhoods nearby that are within your school district nearby. This way, you will have some idea of what your property is worth. Remember, details matter when comparing homes. For example, a similar house in size within your neighborhood that was built around the same time as your home with the same building materials may boast a new deck and roof to justify a higher price than the market would suggest for your home. That said, you should be able to guess your home's value within a $20K range, which is important because not all realtors think alike when deciding a listing price. Of course, the true estimate comes from meeting with a realtor for a couple more hours who will present you with the sales comparables in the area and talk about his or her opinion on the suggested list price for your home. The good news here is most realtors now use a speedy online document signing process that can have you working with a realtor within minutes!

Repairs (Estimated Total Time = 1 Day to a Week for a Well-Maintained Home)
Hopefully, you have been keeping up with your home's maintenance all along, which means you have only the basic cleaning and decluttering to do before listing your home on the market and showing it to potential buyers. If not, you have the option of extending the listing length of time by however long it takes to make needed repairs or you can reduce your listing price to make an allowance for the buyers to make the repairs themselves. Your realtor may also suggest leaving the listing price and including closing costs or some similar negotiating item to compensate for the buyer's incurred repairs.

Cleaning and Depersonalizing (Estimated Total Time = 3 Days to a Week)
Assuming you do not have any significant repairs, you will still want to make your home look its best for the pictures and showings. To depersonalize, declutter, and clean your home, it may take a few days to a week. The size of your home, length of time between top to bottom cleanings, number of hours you can spend per day on the tasks at hand, and the number of belongings you have collected while living in the home will be the primary factors in determining the time needed to clean and depersonalize for buyers.

Sitting Time on the Market (Estimated Total Time = 1 Day to a Few Months)
While some houses are priced incorrectly, are listed in a slow market, or have costly repairs that will take a certain visionary buyer to tackle, most houses will sell within a few months. During this time, your realtor may advise placing any boxes or stored items in the garage. Therefore, this is an excellent time to begin packing room by room. 

Your Closing Date (Estimated Total Time = 50 Days or more)
There are some lenders that can work faster than others to give you a closing date before 50 days. However, on average, you can expect to have to wait a couple more months after the initial sale of your home to close.  Naturally, this is barring any major complications with the inspection and due diligence period that either push the closing date back further or invalidate the initial contract altogether resulting in you searching for a new buyer.

Packing (Estimated Total Time per Room = 1 Day)
If using the proper packing materials and techniques, it may take up to a day per room in your home to prepare your belongings for safe transport during the move. This includes taking pictures of box contents, individually wrapping fragile items, and labeling each box to let the movers know where to place it in the new home. However, if packing between home showings and if your home takes at least a week to sell, it is possible for this chore to be nearly complete by the time your home sells with the exception of furniture or a week's worth of personal items.

Packing Shortcut (Average Estimated Total Time = 1-2 Days)
To save time and effort to focus on finding your next home, hiring a professional moving crew to pack your belongings will ensure all your valuables are ready for transport oftentimes within the same day! Talk about your shortcuts! You can even ask them to unpack all the rooms at your next home. 

Home-Selling Shortcut (Average Estimated Total Time = 30 Days or less)
For those in a hurry to vacate their current homes, companies like Opendoor will purchase your home and close at your convenience within the same month. The potential downside for using these companies is you likely will not get your home's full value, the repairs they make on your behalf could be more costly than a traditional buyer would require, and you may end up paying more in realtor fees. Be sure to ask about these concerns before deciding which option is best for you. 

In conclusion, we have listed out the main time-consuming tasks involved with moving long distances. As the home condition, number of belongings, number of hours per day for the seller to spend on moving tasks, and time spent sitting on the market waiting for the right buyer does vary, the above information should be used only as a starting guide. Please add in a few hours to research your new area as well for your convenience and comfort. If you would like to see how affordable a move across the country can be with a professional moving, storage, and packing company, contact us for a quote today. We love to help our clients save time and money while starting their next great adventure!