How To Move a Car From Fort Lauderdale Across Country

15 - Jun - 2019 Trinity Moving & Storage

truck transporting carsMaybe you have found a better paying job in a distant state or you are ready to move back home to the West coast. Whatever is driving you to move across the country, you have a few decisions to make about how to transport all of your belongings, including one of your most valuable possessions, your cars. But, what is the best way to move a car across long distances? Let's take a closer look at the most popular options for vehicle transport to find out which method is the right choice for you and your budget.

Professional VIP Treatment 
If you want the best protection against wind, weather and road debris damage for your vehicle, then you might consider paying the extra fees for a closed transport. Think of a closed transport as a private safe haven from rocks bouncing off the road and weather-related damage. This level of protection is possible because your car will be the only vehicle inside the truck's enclosed cargo space.

While this option can cost up to 80% more than the other transport methods, you will be saving money by avoiding the additional mileage, general wear and tear issues, and possible paint chips or other nicks and scratches.  Plus, there is an increase in theft protection with this method of transportation. Many people with high-end vehicles. motorcycles, golf carts, ATV's, etc. utilize closed transports for their long-distance moves for more peace of mind.

Fresh Air with a Professional Moving Company 
Like the closed transport, open transport is also a trucking option where your car will rest in the cargo space. However, instead of being the only car in a protected enclosure, it will likely be one of seven to nine cars on a sturdy and safe trailer. This means you save considerably more using this method over the closed transport. Both methods also offer a significant cost break in terms of avoiding adding mileage, wear and tear, food, fuel, lodging, potential accidents and possible breakdowns to your budget. Since you have insurance covering these forms of transport, you are likely to enjoy the exciting aspects of your move across the country much more knowing the professionals are handling your belongings, including your vehicles, with great protected care.

The Road Trip Warrior 
With more rest stops, gas stations, hotels, and attractions popping up each year, there has never been a more enjoyable time to drive your car yourself across the country. How many chances do you have in a lifetime to see all the sights of this great nation? After all, a change of scenery and pace may be two of the reasons you decided to move in the first place. The downside to this adventure is the cost of fuel, food, lodging, and mileage depreciation. Yes, that is a lot of expense that suddenly makes hiring the pros sound much more appealing. But, with all those great memories you will build along the way, it might just be worth it or you may find renting an RV or minivan for the road trip and leaving your vehicle in the care of the professionals is a less costly and nerve-racking route.

Pull Me 
You may have seen the RV's pulling a tow dolly or car without a trailer behind them. Both of these methods are inexpensive relatively upfront. You may have a cost associated with the vehicle you use to tow the cars. For example, you may have to rent a U-Haul or RV, which can be pricey.  If you have a tow dolly and the space to store it, then you do not have much-added expense with this system as most vehicles are compatible with this method. That said, you will have is a heavy wear on your tires. So, be prepared by springing for two new tires you may require before the end of your journey.

With the four-down towing method, your vehicle is simply pulled on the ground behind you. This may seem like the cheapest method. Unfortunately, you are looking at potential transmission trouble with a large segment of the modern cars available that require constant lubrication of their many parts to run well during use. There may be a way to get around the issue, depending on your car, though other methods might be a safer bet. Be sure to read over your car manual and ask several experts on your vehicle before selecting this method.

Overall, these methods of transporting your vehicle will all work to take your car from point A to point B. If you are weighing the safety and prevention of car depreciation that comes with hiring professional movers with the freedom and flexibility of driving your vehicle across the states yourself, then perhaps it all comes down to your vision of the length of time you plan to own the vehicle, the type of vehicle you need transported, and the price of any stress you may feel should something happen to the vehicle along the way without the added insurance coverage a professional moving company provides. Before making a decision, we recommend starting with a quote for your professional options. This quote may then be used to compare with the other estimated costs associated with moving the vehicle DIY style. Whatever you decide, our goal is to help you enjoy the journey to your new home. Let us know how we can help with your long-distance moving needs by calling (386) 951-4147.