How to Move Across Country the Easy Way

01 - Jan - 2020 Trinity Moving & Storage

A family skipping to a home with a sold sign out frontWho says moving has to be stressful? If you are looking for the easiest ways to moving across the country, check out these great tips. From packing to setting up your next home, you will be amazed at how fun a long-distance move can be!

Low-Stress Decluttering
While there is no quick way to sort through each drawer, cabinet or closet during your discovery phase to uncover the clutter, there is a faster way to toss out the old and prepare for the move. Instead of creating both a donation pile and a sell pile, try donating it all and using the charity receipt to save you money at tax time. No more worrying about hosting a garage sale or posting photos online. Plus, you can feel good knowing you have helped someone in need while reducing your moving quote with fewer items to transport.

Use a Packing Service
Why hunt for the right box sizes all over town or guess at the number needed? Save time and money by letting the experts who buy in bulk at wholesale prices get the right boxes for your household items. As a bonus, you can play a game with the kids, make dinner, or finish that novel you have been wanting to read while the packing pros apply their experience for efficient and protected packing techniques for safer transport than packing the items yourself. Also, you will not have to be responsible for ensuring your grandmother's china set arrives unharmed at the new home. This move is shaping up to be stress-free already!

Exercise Your Storage Options
Sometimes, you are unsure of where you want to live in your new area or your next home will not be ready to move into when you are moving out of your current home. For situations like this, hire a professional moving company with storage services. This way, you will not have to pay to move your belongings to a temporary lodging before moving them again to your new home. For a minimal storage rental fee, all your treasured items will be securely waiting for the transport timing to be right for your family needs.

Add Insurance
Speaking of transport, the hardest and most stressful part of the move is the loading, driving, and unloading of the boxes and furniture items. What if something breaks or gets damaged? How will you find the money to replace your broken items? The solution to making this portion of the move worry-free and enjoyable is to hire a professional moving crew with insurance to cover any items that were harmed during the move. This includes common issues such as furniture that gets scratched up or glassware that shatters after shifting during transport.

Eliminate Your Injury Worries
No one wants to spend their first days in their new home looking for emergency care and paying medical bills while missing work. Remove the risk altogether by letting the pros handle all your heavy and awkward lifting for you. From larger items like couches and entertainment cabinets to hard to grip fragile items, the experts can make sure your items are properly brought to your next home faster than a DIY move without you having to recover from sore achy muscles or worse, sustaining an injury.

Use an Unpacking Service
You have finally arrived at your new home with all your belongings in boxes. But, now you have to go through each box and figure out where to put every item. That could take days or weeks! This is why using an unpacking service could become your favorite service of your long-distance move. No one wants to spend time packing at their current home, much less unpacking in a new location where there is so much to explore and set up. With the unpacking service, the house is truly move-in ready. Your plates and bowls are in the kitchen cabinet, your clothing is hanging in your closet, your children's toys are standing by for playtime in their toy bins and your books are nicely placed on the bookshelf. All you have to do is start enjoying your new area. 

Therefore, the thought of a move across the country does not have to cause you anxiety or dread. By donating your unused items and hiring a professional team to pack, transport, and unpack your belongings, you can relax more and focus on all the great plans you have for your travel time and settling in phase. Yes, this is the good life!