How to Stay Cool in Fort Lauderdale When Moving in Summer

15 - Jul - 2019 Trinity Moving & Storage

Man staying cool under waterAlthough July produces scorching temps in Fort Lauderdale, there are some easy ways to avoid heatstroke and sun damage while moving to a new home. Check out these safety tips. With a little extra care, you might find July in Florida is your favorite time of the year!

Take Water Breaks
During a move, you may be tempted to work swiftly in order to avoid prolonged sun and heat exposure. Unfortunately, the faster you work, the more your body heats up, sweats, and becomes dehydrated. The solution? Plan time for multiple breaks to rest and drink plenty of water. Kay Ireland from Livestrong suggests "7 to 10 ounces of water every 10 to 20 minutes you exercise or are outside in extreme heat." This will help bring your body temperature down as well as replenish some of the water you lost when sweating in the summer heat.

If possible, try to get an early start and work until lunchtime. Break for lunch when the air begins to heat up. The afternoon is the hottest part of the day. Therefore, this is a wonderful time to accomplish indoor packing/unpacking and house cleaning tasks. Resume loading or unloading after 5:00 PM or when the temperature cools down. For night and early morning outdoor moving-related activities, purchasing or renting floodlights may be helpful. 

Designate a Waiter
Water boys and girls are not only useful for game days and tournaments. They can be lifesavers at home on moving day too! If you have family members who are unable to help with the move due to age or physical ability, this is a great opportunity for them to feel included while playing a significant role in helping everyone stay hydrated.

Are your children under the age of 5? Although young children may require a minimal amount of assistance in setting up a water filling system, this can be a simple task that will make the whole family feel good. Think of it as an all-day tea party where everyone is invited! 

Gear Up
Sometimes, we do not have an extra helper to fetch water and cold towels from the fridge. In addition to planning times of the day to work, be sure to consider keeping an abundance of water and a cold-soaked towel for each person in a couple of coolers. This way, you can save time taking trips back and forth to the kitchen while preventing dehydration and getting overheated.

To further keep your water at a chilled temperature, use a stainless steel insulated thermos. With a refillable thermos that allows ice to stay frozen and drinks to remain cold, you will not have to worry about the water getting too warm, even in the "cooler". As an added bonus, your reusable thermos saves the environment from yet more plastic items in the landfills. Getting cold water on demand all day long plus saving the Earth. That has to feel good!

Dress for Success
Just as you would not wear an old t-shirt and frayed jeans to most office jobs, be sure to wear the appropriate clothing during your move. Lightweight breathable clothing in lighter colors works better to keep you dryer and cooler. Cotton and dry fit materials are our top picks for working in hot weather.

Don't forget your hat, gloves, sunglasses, and sunscreen! BlueCross BlueShield found Florida has a whopping 7.1 percent skin-cancer rate, which is the highest in the U.S., compared to Hawaii's 1.8 percent, which is the lowest in the U.S. With both states soaking up the sun's rays all day, researchers attribute the difference to better skincare including the use of sunscreen and protective clothing. 

Take a Shower
If you feel your body is overheated, a room temperature shower may be your best bet and cooling down quickly. However, be careful not to make the water too cold. This could send your body into shock, which could lead to seizures. 

Hire a Professional
Depending on the distance of the move, amount of helpful friends and family you have, and the volume and weight of the items being moved, hiring a third party may turn out to be your best option to avoid the potentially harmful effects of moving in the hotter summer months. Hiring out also prevents any injuries related to lifting heavy or awkward items. After you select the moving date, it may prove beneficial to contact a moving company to get a quote and compare that with your time, energy, and risk of potential health related costs.

Whichever moving method you select, the tips above should come in handy in keeping you and your loved ones safe and cool in the summer sun. So, break out your best shades. This sizzling summer move is sure to be epic!