Making a Fall Move Fun for the Whole Family

01 - Oct - 2019 Trinity Moving & Storage

Family wearing super hero costumes.A long-distance move with kids in the fall can be a ton of fun! With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of movie magic, you can change planning and packing chores into an adventure of a lifetime everyone can enjoy. Use these ideas to get the whole family excited about the prospect of moving across the country in the fall!

Start with a Theme
With young children, one of the first things families should do before a big move is think of a moving theme that will occupy the little ones while Mom and Dad pack the breakables. This is where the fall season shines the brightest as crafting and decorating ideas come easy with the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays! For September and October moves, let the kids go to town creating their costumes, drawing spooky images on boxes, and putting fake spider webs on furniture before it is wrapped. The best part is seeing the designs and crafts again at the new house when you unpack! You can also play family-friendly Halloween music as you pack and break out the classic "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" movie during the road trip to your next home. Other kid-friendly Halloween movies to download for your journey include "Hotel Transylvania", "Casper", Toy Story's "Toy Story of Terror" and Curious George's "A Halloween Boo Fest". 

In November, try asking the kids to draw a leaf around the box number or decorate the car with cut-out pilgrim hats and turkeys. Play trivia games about holiday history. The winner gets to pick the first restaurant to try or place to explore at the next city. Some Thanksgiving family-friendly movies you can play on the car or plane ride include "Free Birds", Alvin and The Chipmunks' "Alvin's Thanksgiving Celebration", and, of course, "Miracle on 34th Street".

Get Creative
Fall months are fabulous for unleashing your crafty side! In September and October, the kids can work on DIY costumes, building pumpkins, ghosts, and witch hats from cardboard and other packing materials that can decorate the halls of the next home, and brushing up on their face painting skills for the big night of Trick-Or-Treating! If you are packing near Thanksgiving, this is the perfect time to make a leaf book, stamp leaves on construction paper for instant new home artwork, or craft a pilgrim's hat to wear on the journey across the country like the pilgrims did coming to America. Fall also brings a nice opportunity to put together a game of car BINGO based on your moving theme such as highlighting key locations along the first settlers' journey to establish our nation or some of the plant life and tools the pilgrims would have needed to survive that we still utilize today.

Enjoy the Weather
The fall season brings with it the wonderful breezy temps and colorful trees! Take advantage of this gorgeous weather by going on short family strolls to admire the changing leaves during packing breaks. Rack the falling leaves into a pile for cushioning superhero leaps. Replace "Man in The Middle" with "Turkey in The Middle" using a frisbee or soft ball at the park. Leave a small ball in the yard for the kids to play outside or set up a crafting station on the lawn where the kids will be out of the way of packing or the professional moving crew. 

Make a Theme-Related Video
Whatever decorations, movies, music, or activities you choose to do both during the move preparation and the trek across the country, be sure to document your family fun with a home video you can post or show to friends and family in your new home. You can enhance your video by adding special effects and sounds that go along with your movie theme like walking in a field during the morning fog or adding spooky music. The possibilities are limitless!

Although every move requires planning, packing and unpacking, there is no reason those tasks cannot be turned into thrilling adventures with a little imagination and maybe some packing supplies, construction paper, scissors and makers. With all fall has to offer in terms of family-bonding and kid-friendly activities centered around both the season itself and the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays, this might become one move you will cherish and want to relive over-and-over again by watching your home-made family video. Best of all, the activities keep the little ones busy leaving you with plenty of time to focus on wrapping fragile items and carefully lifting heavy furniture to avoid injuries.