Moving Checklist

15 - Aug - 2019 Trinity Moving & Storage

Woman sitting in the middle of packed boxes with a checklistThe thought of moving can be overwhelming as there are so many things to do on top of an already packed schedule. However, with a little planning ahead, two months can seem like the perfect amount of time to accomplish everything on your list. By following the schedule below, you can expect a smoother moving process with less stress and more excitement on what lays ahead in your new home.

Two Months Ahead
In addition to deciding on a moving method and company early on during this time, there is one item on everyone’s moving list that is easy to push to the last minute by mistake – the dreaded decluttering! We have all been there. You have all this stuff to move that you have collected yet you want to only move those items that serve a purpose or hold a sentimental value. On the other hand, the sheer volume of drawers, closets, cabinets, and other hiding places can make us procrastinate this needed component to the moving process. Sometimes, we even pack these items we no longer use that then sit in a box unopened at the next home.

While there is no magic solution to decluttering, setting aside a day or two per room each week to remove unwanted items as you pack other loose belongings can be a therapeutic and rewarding experience. Even an hour a few days per week can be tremendously helpful with both decluttering and packing because you may as well pack the items you wish to move while you are making your donation, re-sale, and trash piles. Using this method, you could be done with most of your loose packing in four weeks’ time or less!

Speaking of re-sale items, you can upcycle and sell your items during this time online, at a local consignment or reseller shop, or at a yard sale. It does mean putting off some weekend plans until you are in your new home, but that extra moving cash will really come in handy! Think your items are not worth re-selling? Take a quick look at Pinterest for ways your trash could become a true treasure.

One Month Ahead
This usually the time when you hear feedback from the inspection report on your current home with the requested repairs. It is the perfect time to order an appraisal and inspection on your next home in addition to contacting all of your utilities and tax offices with a 30-day notice. If you have the next address, this is also a great time to provide it to your financial, healthcare, educational and other important institutions in addition to your family and friends. Remember to set up new utilities for your next home and try making a list from your contacts to ensure you have not missed anyone. When calling your doctors, ask them for recommendations on physicians in your new area.

A month out is also an excellent time to research that next home location to discover what it has to offer. What are the top local attractions? Which route will you take to the local schools or work? Are your favorite grocery stores and shops nearby? Involve the whole family in this discovery stage to build excitement and prepare the kids for the changes to come.

One Week Ahead
With your loose items packed, your contacts informed of your new address, repairs for the next owners made, and your unused items removed, it is time to confirm your appointments with your moving company and realtor. People not using a realtor should confirm any attorney and lender appointments. During this week, you may also want to schedule a time to say goodbye to friends and family or make purchases in preparation for a change in the climate.

One Day Ahead
Take a look around the home for any missed loose belongings. Usually, items that are attached to the wall or floor are left behind. However, unattached wall treatments and bedding may be packed and set into the moving pile at this time. This is the time you will want to bring all boxes into a central easy-to-access location and disassemble your furniture as much as possible. If moving yourself, wrap all glass shelves and other fragile components safely and securely before wrapping each piece of furniture. Your suitcase should contain any clothing and personal belongings you will require until you arrive at your next home.

The above checklist items will make your move feel less stressful and more rewarding as you have ample time to accomplish everything you need to do before the big day arrives. Just like any major planned event, you can expect some hiccups along the way. However, a little planning and flexibility will go a long way during your moving process as you prepare for what adventures await at the next place you call home.