Tips to Save Money With a Professional Moving Company

15 - Jan - 2020 Trinity Moving & Storage

Movers loading boxes on carts in a garageUsing a professional moving company when planning a move across the country could be more affordable than you think. We all know hiring professional movers is the most time and effort efficient way to move. Plus, the pros can keep you from having to pay to replace damaged items during transport or medical bills from heavy or awkward lifting related injuries. But, did you know there are some simple things you can do to reduce your professional moving quote? Try these helpful tips to make your long-distance easier on your wallet and an exciting adventure for all!

Find & Make Moving Money
Want to find more money for the big day? The first thing to do when you are planning a move and need to find some added income is to develop a realistic moving budget. To do this, check with your credit cards and bank accounts to cut out all unnecessary services, make a list of grocery items you plan to buy to cover all your meals in one week and go online to find the best prices for each item on your list. Now, multiply that total grocery list by four and add it to a list of ongoing monthly expenses. Convert annual services into monthly sums and add them to your budget to see how much you have to spend monthly. 

At this point, you have a budget to cover your daily living expenses and it is time to determine how much is left for the move before you add extra services and purchases like that premium coffee each morning back into the mix. Although there are no fun shortcuts with budgeting, the good news is you can find extra cash for your move you did not realize was going to unused services or purchases. Need more spending cash? Download free apps like Receipt Hog, Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, and ReceiptPal that will pay you to scan your purchase receipts, repurpose some of your old stuff to sell on Facebook Marketplace, or make super cute crafts you can sell on Etsy.

Get Organized
Going room by room to declutter and organize your belongings will provide an opportunity to sell that designer dress you only wore once or upcycle a desk that has seen its better days into a trendy coffee table for your new home. However, organization is also the main key to cutting costs with your moving company because your hourly moving rate is calculated into the quote. When your belongings can be separated into like-item boxes, you reduce the amount of time movers will spend on guesswork for where they need to place the boxes in the truck for safer transport. Less time moving equals more savings.

Photograph Box Contents & Label Your Boxes by Room
On that note, while you are grouping your like items you can save even more time ergo more money by photographing and labeling the contents in each box before the movers arrive. Writing the room where the box is to be delivered at the next house will decrease the time movers spend at your next home unloading. Additionally, photographs of the items prior to placing them in the box will tell the insurance company the condition of the item before the move in the event any damage occurs during transport resulting in a more positive reimbursement experience.

Stack Boxes in Your Garage
Most realtors will tell you buyers expect your items to be kept in the garage during the home selling process. It is far less time-consuming for movers to see all the boxes and furniture in the garage and select the right items to fill the space available in the truck than it is to go into your house and look for items that would fit. As a bonus, having the items handy with a large opening in the garage will let the movers take the belongings from your home to the truck faster. Therefore, take full advantage of this space by stacking your organized boxes by type in the garage before moving day. 

Graph Your Furniture
Another great way to save time during a move is to chart out your furniture in your new home. Use a piece of graph paper to draw the dimensions of each room making sure to mark the doors, windows, and closets. Then, measure, draw and cut out each piece of large furniture. Test out what looks best by moving the graph representations of your furniture around the designated graph paper rooms. Knowing where your furniture should be placed in the next house will be a huge time-saver when moving in.

Be Flexible
If the extra cash in your budget and the time-saving ideas are not enough to reach your moving day cost goal and you have a flexible moving schedule, ask for a mid-week or off-season rate. Since most people move during the weekends and in the spring and summer to be settled by the time schools start, moving companies often have wiggle room to discount lesser-used dates. This is especially great news for first-time homeowners and people who are not bound by school and activity schedules. 

In conclusion, your long-distance move across the country does not have to be overly expensive with a little planning. Scaling back your lifestyle budget, earning extra cash with rewards apps and online craft or refurbished item sales, and time-saving organization and planning will bring you closer to your dream of using a professional moving company to transport your household belongs to wherever adventure awaits. Learn more about how affordable your long-distance move can be by filling out our online form or calling us at (386) 951-4147.