Top 5 Savings Tips for Moving Across Country

15 - Nov - 2019 Trinity Moving & Storage

A cute couple is putting coins in a piggy bank.Moving across the country can take its toll on your finances. Thankfully, saving money with moving expenses has never been easier. Take advantage of the opportunities discussed in this article to avoid spending too much on starting a new life chapter in another state.

  1. Get Boxes for Less Cash
    There are a variety of places you can search to find sturdy gently used boxes of all shapes and sizes. Some come in bundles on websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. There are individuals such as students making some extra cash by collecting boxes from people who move and no longer need them. The individuals then sell the nicer boxes on these websites by bundles or available sizes for a great price.

    Speaking of Facebook, check to see if you have a local neighborhood or city Facebook group that sells items like furniture where packing materials someone no longer needs may also be listed. Often times, people list box bundles on these group pages when they move and want to get rid of all their boxes without having to take them to the city landfill. They may charge a small fee or give them to you for free as long as you agree to take all of the boxes. This is also something to keep in mind when you finish using your boxes in your new location.

    Other places to find cheap boxes include nearby grocery stores, warehouse stores, and small Mom and Pop shops. These stores constantly have boxes being delivered for products to sell. Instead of the employees crushing the boxes or the store manager paying to have the boxes picked up, see if you can offer to take them of their hands. You may have to adjust your schedule one day to collect the boxes as they arrive, but the cost savings can be worth it as a moving kit for a one-bedroom apartment can be around $90 or more. Owners of a four-bedroom home may pay over $400!

  2. Use What You Have
    But, boxes are not the only pricey packing supplies needed for your big move. You will need something to wrap your fragile items and furniture. Luckily, you can usually rent moving blankets from your professional moving company. However, there are still many items packed in boxes that will require some cushioning to prevent damage during transport.  While sometimes you may feel the need to spring for the bubble wrap, there are plenty of supplies in your home you can use to pad most of your fragile items during packing. Newspapers, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, blankets, cloth towels, sheets, pillows, and stuffed animals that will not be missed for a few days are some examples of the soft packing protection you likely already own that can be used to keep breakables from moving around and being crushed. If you have a lot of papers that need shredding or your office has shredded paper you can use, this is yet another helpful medium you can use for padding as well.

    On that note, getting into a habit of storing the boxes and inside packing materials that you receive when you make an online purchase can be beneficial for times such as these or when mailing out gifts as long as there is room in your garage. To store neatly, breakdown the boxes until they lay flat for easy stacking. Also, unfold any packing paper or used packing foam to take up less space.  

  3. Sell Your Clutter
    Selling your used boxes after the move may put a little cash back into your pocket. However, you can make much more by reselling furniture, accessories, baby products, knick-knacks, and clothing items you no longer need when you host a garage sale or post the gently used items on sites like PoshMark. Plus, if you turn your used furniture items that were in need of a makeover into something new, you can turn the act of getting rid of clutter into a wonderful supplemental income. Depending on what you have to sell, you may find you not only have the cash to pay the moving company, but you also have become an upcycling enthusiast!

    Do you have items that likely would not sell? The great news is you can take a donation sum off your taxes when you gift these treasures to charities like Goodwill and Salvation Army. Also, remember the more you either sell or donate the less you have to pay to have these items moved across the country! So, decluttering your home before the move is a massive win in savings no matter which method you use for removal.

  4. Invest where it Matters Most 
    There are times when spending money saves you more in the long run. Using a professional moving crew for your long-distance move is a smart way to invest in your move. Think of it as avoiding possible injuries that could result in costly medical bills and time off work as back injuries from lifting heavy furniture pieces is extremely common. However, you are also saving money on replacing your valuables as the pros know how to stack your items in the truck for safer transport and they offer insurance when things unexpectedly go wrong. You certainly do not want to arrive at your new home only to find out you will have to pay out-of-pocket to replace your torn sofa or all your broken stemware.

  5. Use Responsible Spending Habits 
    Many times we like to buy items we do not really plan to use frequently because they look cool or they make life more enjoyable in some way temporarily. Try to resist the temptation of impulse buying by making a note of the item in your phone for purchasing on a later date. If you still love it when that date arrives and it works within your budget, go for it! 

In conclusion, if you are anticipating a long-distance move and the cost seems to be adding up. Remember there are some ways to reduce your expenses to make your dreams of a fresh start in another state come true without breaking the bank. Apply the tips above to save money where you can so that you will be able to spend on that which matters most. For those ready to receive a moving quote, contact us at (386) 951-4147. We love helping make our customers' moving dreams a reality!