Why July is a Great Time to Move

01 - Jul - 2019 Trinity Moving & Storage

Family moving in the summerIf you are thinking of moving this summer and you are not sure if July is the best month to spend time packing up your belongings, perhaps these benefits of July moves will help with your decision. Late June through early August moves can boast many advantages over other months. Here are some of those reasons that might have you taking that leap toward your new home now before the summer season is over!

No School Routine!
Selling your home and finding a new home can be time-consuming. That's why July is a very popular moving month! The kids are out of school, which means parents are suddenly freed from being in a specific school district until the next school year begins generally around late August or early September. Parents are able to better focus more on packing their belongings, cleaning up for showings, and researching new places to live without having to worry about taking their children to and from school, school events, packing lunches, early mornings, volunteering, or attending and transporting to and from most activities that run only during the school year. In other words, for families with school-age children, this month rocks!

Getting Settled Before School Starts
Transitional times, such as moving, can be exciting and sometimes stressful. Children who are changing schools mid-year because of a move may experience more of an adjustment period than those who have moved before the start of the next school year. Moving in July means kids have time to make friends they will see in class at school by visiting the community pool or through neighborhood events. It also offers the opportunity for students to sign up for sports and clubs at school before the season begins. 

Sell High
Financially speaking, this is the optimal time of year to sell your home because prices go up during this season. True, it may mean a higher buyer price as well for your next home. However, it all usually balances out, there is a larger number of homes available on the market to buy, and there is always the option of renting until the prices come down. Plus, renting will give you a chance to learn more about your next residential area before investing in it. However, if you know where you are moving to, there are still some great deals to find in the real estate industry all year long.

Better Weather
Spring's showers have cleared, and the sun has come out to play! This is a fabulous time of year to be actively cleaning out your home and packing up for the big move. There may be occasional thunderstorm pop-ups. But, for the most part, your move can be planned without being cold, keeping up with a coat and gloves, or having to worry too much about having to push back your moving date due to weather. As long as you take lots of breaks and drink plenty of fluids, your summer move should be smooth sailing. 

Gorgeous Time of Year
In addition to enjoying warmer and less rainy weather, the summer offers home buyers to see all the flowers and trees in full bloom. This is another reason why July is perfect for selling and buying homes. You won't have to imagine how the trees behind your home will look when their leaves come in because you can see it first hand. The nicer weather and green landscaping also make for a more welcoming tour of your next home town. Therefore, summer is a great time to see the full beauty of your current home for buyers and the next home for you to buy.

The VIP Treatment
Moving companies know summer is their busiest time of year. For that reason, they often add more professionals to their teams over this time of year to keep up with the demand. That means you may be able to have them move your belongings in a shorter period of time with an added team member.

All of the above make up just some of the top reasons July is a phenomenal time of year to sell your home and rent or buy somewhere new. Even if you do not have school-age children in your home, you can take advantage of the higher selling prices for your current home and surging inventory of homes available to buy on the market. Best of all, you can take this transition in stride while the sun is out, the grass and trees are green and the flowers are vibrant. Yes, it is easy to see why July is oftentimes a preferred month for moving!