Why Use a Professional Moving Company to Store your Belongings

02 - Sep - 2019 Trinity Moving & Storage

There is a myriad of reasons you may need to store your belongings temporarily until your new home is ready to occupy. This leaves you with three commercial options for storage: container units, local storage facilities, and hiring a professional moving company that is able to store your belongings at their facility. Below are five helpful reasons to use a professional moving and storage company to consider for temporarily holding your valued belongings.

The Best Deal 
Financially speaking, it may cost less upfront to rent a container unit or a local storage unit than to hire a professional moving and storage company. However, you then need to either move your belongings yourself or hire movers to bring your things to the container or warehouse. This may still seem like a good deal until you to move the items a second time to the new home doubling the original moving estimate along with the risk of damaging some of your items with all the shuffling about. These chipped or broken items may be costly to replace or worse, hold a priceless sentimental value. 

While moving any item always comes with an opportunity for damage to occur, a professional moving company will use the proper packing materials to carefully wrap and protect your belongings individually before strategically fitting them into the truck like a fortified puzzle where shifting is less likely to occur during transit. That said, not all moving companies are alike. It is best to shop around and ask questions about the packing materials and process before hiring a moving crew. This way, you know before they begin if they will remove glass and shelves from cabinets as well as wrap extruding corners and furniture legs or if they expect you to have the items ready for loading.

Peace of Mind
In addition to saving you the expense and frustration of replacing damaged items due to less experienced packing and transit methods, professional movers offer insurance to further give you peace of mind in the event something does go wrong. Even the most well-planned moves can have bumps in the road. Therefore, by purchasing insurance for the move, you can feel good knowing your items will be repaired or replaced if damaged. 

Packing Materials Available
While insurance is a wonderful benefit, there is another reason your belongings are safer with those professional moving companies that offer storage and carry their own packing materials. Simply put, these pros know what they are doing to protect your cherished belongings. You can pack your smaller items without paying for the added service or you may opt to have them do that for you as well because they have those specialized boxes that work perfectly for everything from televisions to glassware and plates. But, the biggest difference you will probably notice is the packing of your furniture. Professional movers will painstakingly use multiple layers of protection for the transport process from the initial wrapping of the piece itself to padded blankets, the cardboard the item sits on in the truck, and the placement of the valuables around the piece for a reduced chance of shifting. Best of all, you don't have to go to a store to find this plethora of packing materials because the movers will provide them with your estimate.

Save Time
Even if you pack your own items for transport, hiring a professional moving and storage company means your items are loaded for safe travels by one company to store at an in-house location before being transported by the same company to your new home. This means the only time required from your day for both moves is the time it takes to watch the movers protect and load your items from your current residence and unload your items at the next home. That's it. None of your time is wasted trying to figure out how to properly protect your furniture and valuables in the truck, loading those items at your current home, unloading them at the warehouse, and perhaps making several more trips back and forth before the job is finished just to get through the first half of the move. 

Risk of Injury
Arguably, the most expensive part of a move involving heavy pieces of furniture could be the risk of personal injury. If you pull a muscle or drop something on your foot, you may be unable to perform your normal tasks for a while. Plus, the medical bills could outweigh the original price difference between hiring the professional moving company with in-house storage and renting the DIY container units or local storage units.

In other words, a professional moving crew with an in-house temporary storage solution will do much more than haul your items from one place to another. They will give you more confidence in the moving process via both their experience and insurance options, less risk of injury, and more freedom to enjoy this exciting time with their packing services and reduced time needed to load and unload. Suddenly, your move goes from a time-consuming and worrisome project to a process you can enjoy as you focus instead on all the possibilities your next place of residence can offer.